Police arrested a group of 7 young job seekers for Abducting a Job agent

A group of 7 young Job seekers abducted a job agent. According to the boys, the job agent had collected money from them promising jobs in Vietnam but failed to arrange the jobs. The boys then decided to take revenge and teach the Job Agent a lesson. The boys kidnapped him from Chennai airport and then took him to Malaysia but the police arrested them before they could do anything wrong with the Job agent.

Swaminathan and his brother Tamil Selvan of Kumbakonam had allegedly collected Rs 7.7 lakh from Sudhakar, Sathiyamurthy, Gopi, Karthikeyan, Thamilarasan, Chinnathambi and Arockiasamy of Pudhukottai promising jobs in Vietnam. Sudhakar’s elder brother Ramesh collected the money and handed over to the brothers.

According to the police, Tamil Selvan on 27th July brought all of them to Malaysia from Tiruchy airport and boarded them in a house with the help Muthu. But Tamil Selvan and Muthu protracted finding job in Vietnam, which forced the youngsters to argue. Meanwhile, the agents asked them to work in the rubber plantation as laborers,

In the preliminary police investigation, police found out that the youngsters returned to Tiruchy on Saturday and told Ramesh about the incident. Infuriated by this, Ramesh, along with his brother Sudhakar, car driver Venkatesan, Baskar, Sathishkumar and two others, came to Chennai airport on the wee hours of Sunday morning and waited for Tamil Selvan to arrive. Swaminathan also came to the airport to receive his brother. Upon Tamil Selvan’s arrival, the youngsters argued with him and Swaminathan. Suddenly, they bundled Tamil Selvan and abducted in their car and fled the spot.

Police officials were on alert as soon as the boys along with the Job Agent landed on the Malaysia Airport, police catch them. The young abductors are now in police custody and a case is filed against them for abduction.

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