Hansal Mehta: Didn’t we have cases before the Weinstein scandal? The exploitation of power needs to stop

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta feels that blatant abuse of power is what goes unchecked; and that harassment needs to be addressed.

After Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment by a number of actors, new cases of sexual misconduct, accusing actors Michael Doughlas, James Franco and Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee have surfaced. The issue became a hot topic of conversation here in Bollywood as well. Filmmaker Hansal Mehta, who has always spoken on socially relevant issues, feels it is the exploitation of power which needs to stop.

“As an industry, we need to be aware that harassment in any form — sexual or mental — needs to be looked at very seriously. It never gets recognised. You have to recognise the harassment and nip it in the bud,” feels the National award-winning filmmaker.

Mehta says that such ugly issues have happened in the past as well but it is the collective change in the attitude of masses, which can put this to a stop.

“Before Weinstein, didn’t we have cases? What happened to them? It’s a societal attitude that needs to change. For me, Weinstein case is blatant abuse of power and what goes unchecked. We have to understand that every sector has people who abuse power. Somebody perceives that they have power over you and they begin to bully and harass you. That harassment needs to be addressed, and people in power need to realise that they are crossing the line,” says Mehta.

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