Chennai: Attempt to murder charge against son of slain realtor

Kandhan’s son went to Logu, a history-sheeter’s house who he suspected was behind the murder.

Chennai: While police on Thursday arrested a six-member gang in connection with the murder of a realtor in West mambalam three days ago, the case doesn’t seem to end there as police are now on the lookout for the deceased’s son who orchestrated a revenge attack.

On Tuesday morning, around 7.30 am, realtor M. Kandhan (43) was on his way in his two-wheeler to drop his daughter at her college when the gang intercepted him and murdered him.

His daughter, K. Keerthana, also suffered injuries while attempting to save her father from the assault.

Preliminary investigations had suggested previous enmity to be the reason behind the murder. While Kandhan now runs a real estate agency and a cable TV business in West Mambalam, he was involved in a murder case seven years ago, police said.

A six-member gang was arrested by police on Thursday. Even as police were securing the gang, Kandhan’s son Ramesh had descended on the house of a history-sheeter Logu, who was initially suspected to be behind the murder.

“After completing the last rites, Ramesh and eight others went to Logu’s residence on Railway border road with the intention to murder him,” a police officer said.

While the house was locked and Logu was away, Ramesh and his accomplices managed to catch hold of Logu’s friend Venkatesan (30) and attacked him.

They fled the scene after the incident. Mambalam police have registered an attempted to murder case and are investigating.

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