He’s a Daal Chawal Sort of Boy: Neetu Singh on Ranbir Kapoor

With ’s release on the horizon, Ranbir Kapoor’s personal life is garnering more and more interest. In an exclusive interview to , Neetu Singh revealed a lot about the actor’s childhood.

Neetu SinghHe was a quiet boy, but full of mischief. A complete mastikhor. He would irritate me, irritate Ridhima (Ranbir’s older sister). Go on and on, especially with her. There were times when we would go out for dinner and he would get at her so badly, that she would get up and leave.Neetu Singh with husband Rishi Kapoor.

Quite often, Ranbir has supported his mother, and been the pillar that holds her up.

Neetu SinghI was very troubled in my married life. I think he must have been 15 or so, when Rishi and I went through a really bad patch. I have always felt that while my daughter should be innocent and learn to face life as it comes, my son should be street smart and know everything about life. So I would sit with Ranbir and talk to him. For hours, I would tell him all I felt was right and wrong with my marriage, try to explain it all to him. I think he was my best friend then, my only confidant. I would talk my heart out to him, as to no one else. He changed then I think, suddenly became responsible, grown up. I felt he should know everything, for one, it would make him a good husband when the time came.Neetu Singh Kapoor along with Rishi and Ranbir Kapoor. 

In , Ranbir Singh plays Sanjay Dutt channeling the ups and downs of his volatile life. So, does mother, Neetu Singh, think her son is too soft?

Neetu SinghAs a mother, yes. He is too soft. He can’t hurt anybody. It’s the same with his relationships, he does not know how to say no, and gets into the deep end! I see it happening and can do nothing about it. The first time he felt involved, I knew the girl was not right for him. But when I told him, he rebelled. So I learnt to tackle it another way. I told him don’t get serious so soon, the more you see the more you know and learn, so meet many girls, and go out with them, but don’t commit yet. But I have learnt to not be an irritant. I say it once and move away. It works.Ranbir’s ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone with Neetu Singh.

So, what sort of a girl should Ranbir settle down with, according to his mother?

Neetu SinghSomeone who will understand how simple he is. That he is a daal chawal sort of boy, that he is not very high maintenance and will not really appreciate having a high maintenance wife. He’s more like me, quite un-Kapoor, unlike the image he has. The best girl for him will be someone who loves him for who he is, not what he is. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt made an appearance at Sonam Kapoor’s reception.
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