Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi celebrate wedding anniversary in Maldives

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya wooed so many even before they were into a relationship. They looked perfect together and it felt as if they were meant to be together, to complete each other. The couple finally went on to tie a knot in the year 2016.

Divyanka and Vivek fondly called as Divek by their fans, celebrate their 2nd marriage anniversary. The two super stunning personalities met on the sets of the very popular Television show 'Yeh hain Mohabbattein'. After fans suggested them of how good they looked together, they finally gave it a thought. The thought became a thing and its been 2 years of nurturing the thing into a special something.

According to sources, the couple is enjoying their anniversary in the Maldives.

Pictures of the couple spending a romantic time together have already gone viral over the internet. In an alleged interview, Vivek Dahiya revealed the secret behind their happy love life. Vivek asserted, "Love is there between every couple. What keeps us [Divek] together is the mutual respect towards work. I respect her work, the same way I respect her. There is no obligation when it comes to space. There has been no obligation from her side that you have to call me at this hour or day. There are no dos or don'ts."

He later said that there is a strict pact between the couple that is the reason behind their super sorted love life and it is that they never fight and sleep. Vivek elaborated, "We don't sleep over it. There have been times where we have been up till really late and both have work in the morning but we don't let it linger around for the next day because then the next day will go for a toss. I don't want to wake up with a bitter mind. She is the same. Just the fact that we just let each other be, that, with the sense of responsibility is what makes it work."

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