Woman kidnapped by cab driver gets rescued by banging on car window

BENGALURU: A woman,30, was kidnapped by an Ola cab driver rescued herself by banging on the car windows which later caught attention of the outside vehicles. The motorists chased the taxi and overtook it near a toll plaza and pulled the cab driver out of the vehicle and called PCRP.
“The woman was brave and showed presence of mind. Else, the driver would have got away with the kidnapping,” a senior police officer said.
The woman is a resident of Indiranagar and works at a private company. She booked a cab to go to the airport at 11:30pm. She was going to Mumbai on work and her flight would departure at 5:10am.
“I realised the driver was drunk. He kept looking at me through the rear-view mirror. I covered my face with a shawl and pretended to doze. At Yelahanka Junction, he speeded up,” she said. “I shouted at him to stop the vehicle but he continued. At the toll plaza, I started shouting and banging on window which alerted other drivers and saved me.” she added.
“We are deeply disturbed by the incident. The cab driver has been removed from our platform,” said a spokesperson for OLA.

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