Burari Case: Lalit wanted to liberate five souls

In the case of suicides of 11 families in Burari in Delhi, there is another shocking disclosure. A Register was found of the date 9th July 2015, the crime branch of the Delhi Police is investigating the matter and reading the pages of the diary which is unfolding the Burari Death case.

It is written in this page that Lalit wanted to liberate the soul of 4 others besides his father. It is being considered that the incident was prepared so that they could meet God and the five souls will be liberated from worldly possessions.

It was written in a page written on July 9, 2015, "Apne sudhar mein gati bada do, yeh bhi tumhara dhanyawaad karta hun ki tum bhatak jaatein ho par phir bhi ek dusre ki baat maankar ek chath ke niche mil ke mel milaap kar lete ho, paanch aatmaein mere saath bhatak rahi hain, agar tum sudhar karoge toh unhe bhi gati milegi."

It also read that "Tum toh sochte honge ke haridwar jaake sab kuch kar aaye toh gati mil jaegi, jaise main is cheez ke liye bhatak raha hun aise hi ye bhi mere sahyogi bane huye hain, ye bhi yehi chahte hain ki tum sab sahi karam karke apna jeevan safal banao, agar humare niyamit kaam ho jayenge toh hum apne vaas ko laut jayenge."

The investigation team said Lalit's family was preparing for this action. The task was to bring all together. Apart from this, many bundles, plastic stools, wires, new clothes and tapes of new cotton were also bought and kept in the cupboard. After this new disclosure, the police is now tracing Sajjan Singh, Hirana, Dayanand, Ganga Devi. Sources reveal that Lalit's father was against the superstitions.

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