This Kumkum Bhagya actress got trolled over posting 'inappropriate' pic with her pet

Kumkum Bhagya's Alia aka Shikha Singh doesn't believe in taking trolling lying down. She has in the past filed a police complaint against a person who posted lewd comments on her Instagram post.

And now when the actress posted a harmless picture with her pet, a troll called the post 'shameful' and 'flawed'.

In the said pic, the actress' pooch Goku Singh Shah (who btw has his own instagram page) is standing on his two hind legs, while his front legs are being held by her lovingly.

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The picture can be termed anything but inappropriate or shameful.

This is what the troll said about the picture: Why publish some inappropriate photos. These pictures are very shameful and flawed.

Shikha was quick to repond to the 'inapporpriate' comment: "What is flawed is your thinking! Why don't you stop writing inappropriate comments and mind your own business!

That was one epic reply.

In case you have fallen in love with the pet, here are more pics:

Did anyone say Treat ??

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Whats with women & pout ?????

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Happy Holi to all of you ??

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