How to find the right price of a used vehicle?

Snapshot: The used vehicle industry is growing at a rapid pace and if this pace continues, it was being learnt that it could leave behind the new car industry by 2030.

Buying a used vehicle is a demanding process. However, the most crucial aspect of this multi-step process is to find the right price of a . The pricing is the crux element of this whole process and if a buyer gets it right or even close to right, then it can be propounded that the most significant goal is accomplished. Generally, people tend to read reviews and test drive an used vehicle before making their decision final. It doesn't just end here as buyers also ensure secured finance options and analyze the vehicle's condition thoroughly, while putting in extra efforts to achieve the fair pricing. Although, these days, users have several online platforms for checking out the right price which are convenient as well as trustworthy.

Online platforms occupying most of the space!

One of such online platform which is getting immense popularity now days is . It is an online portal which helps a buyer to check the fair marketprice of any used vehicle in just 10 seconds. Yes, in just 10 seconds and that too for free! It may sound inconceivable initially but it is the utmost truth. So, if you're wondering about how it works, then let us tell you that OBV determines the pricing of any used vehicle via an algorithmic engine. As far as Indian audience is concerned, it is the only pricing benchmark tool which is unbiased and impartial. Being based on the 21st century data science and machine learning methodology, today over 200 million buyers have opted for the OBV. Check out a few things that distinguish online portals from local dealers:

· Hasslefree and effortless processing

· User-friendly and reliable website

· Amazing customer support services

· Easy paperwork

OBV emerging as the best option!

Not just individual buyers but over 25,000 auto dealers across the nation have taken the service of OBV in order to fetch the fair market price for bicycles, scooters, bikes, cars and planes. The foremost reason being local dealers and mechanics can't be trusted cent percent as they are not versed with modern, advance and contemporary technologies of determining the exact present condition of a used vehicle. For instance, the odometer of a used vehicle might be tampered by the owner and the buyer might miss that which can subsequently lead to a cheat and fraud. Therefore, it has become of paramount importance that the odometer of the used vehicle be tested by the experts with latest equipments, so that the right price can be proposed.

Full-proof paperwork check ensured!

Sometimes, it is also being witnessed that paperwork of a particular vehicle is incomplete which certainly affects the overall price of a used vehicle. The buyers don't risk buying vehicles with patchy papers. But, if the paperwork, which includes Registration Card (RC), Insurance Certificate and Pollution under Control (PUC) Certificate, is up to date, then the price of the vehicle increases automatically. In a few cases, we have seen that several local dealers conceal such important information from the buyers but at OBV, special attention is paid towards paperwork, including the service and maintenance records so that the buyers are aware of it and a right price can be quoted for the vehicle.

Used Vehicle Business Racing Ahead of New Vehicle Business!

The used vehicle industry is growing at a rapid pace and if this pace continues, it was being learnt that it could leave behind the new car industry by 2030. Almost every major automaker including the luxury ones have started their pre-owned vehicle business by opening several outlets in the big cities. Even, there are many online portals as well for buying a used vehicle. One of such platform is , which happens to be the 3rd largest online auto marketplace for buying and selling used vehicles with over 65 percent market share of the auto transactions online. The website practically offers everything, ranging from bicycles to airplanes with every service such as warranty, RSA, insurance and auto loan.

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