What the hell here Father can marry to her Daughter...

Every country has their different laws in the world. There are many countries where people are surprised to hear the law. Iran is also a country with such a strange law of the world. The laws here are so strange that everyone will be surprised to knowing them. It is well known that Iran is an Islamic country and most of the laws here have been made for women. In 2013 a special law was passed in Iran.

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According to this law any person can marry to his adopted daughter. There was a lot of opposition to this law, but ultimately this law was added to the constitution of the country. Iran is always in discussion due to the laws of its country.

Several laws have been made for this country's economy and inflation, which have been demonstrated many times in protest. The laws of Iran are very strict about women. Some strange laws of Iran specially for womens.

Father can marry to her daughter:

According to a law made in 2013, a person from Iran can marry his adopted daughter if the girl is at least 13 years old.

Do not have the freedom to wear tight clothes.

Women do not have the freedom to wear tight clothes in Iran. If women wear tight clothes they are arrested.

Women can not shake hands to anyone ...

Here women can not shake hands to any person. It is illegal and they can be go to jail if they break rules.

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Punishment for refusing sexual intercourse ...

If a woman refuses to have sex with her husband, then the woman can be punished because refusing to have sex with her husband is like a crime for women.

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