Hindu Yuva Vahini members beat couple in court premises in UP, cry 'love jihad'

An incident of saffron violence has emerged in Baghpat in Yogi's Uttar Pradesh, where members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini thrashed an alleged Love Jihad couple in the presence of the police.

Members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini claimed that a woman from Punjab who had arrived at Baghpat to marry in the court was coerced into it by men outside her faith and religion.

When the police arrived to arrest the alleged Love Jihad criminals, members of the right-wing organisation beat the couple in Baghpat Court premises while the police watched.

"It is too early to comment on what exactly happened. We are probing the whole incident. Everything should not be linked to 'love jihad'," Jayprakash Singh, superintendent of Police, Baghpat told ANI.

The saffron brigade even accompanied the alleged criminals in the police station and created a ruckus there.

They threatened the police, maintaining that the case was that of Love Jihad that somehow had links to Kashmir.

Baghpat police has arrested the men and the woman accused of committing Love Jihad. The Punjab police has been acquainted with the details as well.

(With inputs from Dushyant Tyagi and Javed Akhtar)

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