Are you in love or just lonely? 4 signs you are in a relationship for all the wrong reasons

Not all relationships are perfect. Some are just a huge mistake.

Imagine this: you are the only single lass left in your girl gang. While most are engaged in a committed relationship, some are just causally dating, but nevertheless, they have a guy to spend Saturday evenings with. So, while they are out having fun, you are holed up in your apartment, watching Netflix. Now, if being on your own doesn't bother you at all--then good for you. However, if you can't help but feel lonely, you might just get influenced to take decisions because of the way you are feeling. For instance, you start dating a random guy you recently met on Tinder--just to kill time.

Yes, that happens. But, do you know the worst part? That casual fling turns into a relationship, without you really meaning it to. A few weeks later, you are too emotionally dependent and scared of being lonely to break-free.

Ladies, if you are in a relationship for anything other than love, then maybe you need to take a reality check. Here are a few signs you should watch out for.

You Just Can't Say No
A guy, who you often meet because you share a few common friends, proposed to you. You are alone, you are single, and you thought: "what the hell, let's do this"! The only reason why you agreed to it in the first place was because you just couldn't say NO. Or maybe you just didn't want to hurt the poor guy. So, you went along. Ladies, if that's what has happened to you, then you really should reconsider.

You Want a Private Butler

Let's admit it. Having a boyfriend does have it perks. You have someone who can pick up your laundry, take care of the all the manual labour, and pick up when you get detained at work. However, if it is just the benefits, which appeal to you, then maybe you are not really in love. You just need a handyman.

The Sex is Just Amazing
Yes. Sex is, as a matter of fact, very important in a relationship, but it should not be the only driving force. If you and your bae can't help but hate each other all the time, and the only thing that makes the relationship bearable is some hot action between the sheets, then maybe it's just pure lust. Physical attraction should never be the sole reason for co-existing.

You Have Been In It For Too Long
A break-up is never easy. It's messy, it's painful, and it's inconvenient. So, you don't really love your partner but you guys are high school sweethearts. You have been together for so long, that breaking up is just really problematic. Thus, you decide to stay together despite the fact you are not really happy, just because you are afraid to break free from the momentum.

We have just one piece of advice for you--let it go.

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