Honey is the ideal medicine for oesophagus damage caused by battery ingestion: Study

WASHINGTON D.C: Children usually swallow small items like button batteries, leading to caustic Esophageal injuries. Honey may help!

A study by Kris Jatana of Nationwide Children's Hospital proved that honey or Carafate (a cherry-flavoured duodenal ulcer prescription), can help reduce oesophagal injuries.

In experiments conducted on cadavers and live animals, both honey and Carafate provided a physical barrier. This barrier neutralised the tissue pH which shoots up with battery ingestion. The injury to the Esophagus is comparatively less when honey or Carafate was used, compared to other household items like household liquids, including apple juice, orange juice, sodas, sports drinks, and maple syrup.

"An oesophagal button battery can quickly cause significant injury. We have identified protective interventions for both the household and hospital setting that can reduce injury severity," said co-principal investigator, Jatana.

The study is published in the journal 'Laryngoscope'.

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