Hanging Train: Passengers Travels Upside-Down In This Train, See The Truth

Usually trains moves normally on railway tracks, but have you ever seen a train which makes journey of it’s passengers more interesting by making them travel upside-down ? You might be thinking that it’s a kind of prank, or joke! But it’s a truth! There’s a train in Germany which do not moves on railways tracks and it’s moves upside-down! It’s Hanging Train.

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Whosoever looks at this train for the first time feels shocked, you can also make your journey full of more exciting and thrilling by travelling in to this Hanging train . This hanging train completes have a route of 13.3 Kms and this route consists of 20 stops in between.

Tourist who visits Germany on tour usually make their travelling more memorable by travelling in to this hanging train. And it is so adventurous and thrill full to travel in this train.

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This hanging train runs on electricity and moves on a height of 39 meters from ground and it is considered as one of the oldest Mono rails in world, you can have a view of whole Germany from this hanging train .

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