Weird Wedding custom: Bride Must Cry for weeks before marriage, check reason

Weddings are a great way to incorporate a unique tradition into well-worn rituals. Different people follow different wedding customs but today we are going to tell you about a tradition called Zuo Tang, you’ve probably never heard of. In this custom bride to be cry daily for weeks.

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Brides in Southwest China's Sichuan Province start crying a full month before the wedding. Bride cry every night for about an hour.

Ten days later bride'mom joins this act and starts crying with bride and even after ten days her grandma enters in the picture. By the end of the month, every female member of the family is wailing away like a very bad scene from a very bad romantic comedy.But then the crying isn’t just a random shedding of tears. There’s a song involved as well.

Interestingly This custom is still being played. The custom is called Zuo Tang, or "Sitting in the Hall. It does not matter what they cry about.

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Crying marriage is a matrimonial custom that must be observed by every Tujia girl, no matter whether she is satisfied with the bridegroom or not.

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