Burari Suicide Case: Psychological autopsy of 11 people will open the secrets behind suicide

Delhi police will do a psychological autopsy in the case of death of 11 people of one family in Burari. In Psychological Autopsy it is seen that how the person has lived in the mood before his death. Nimesh Desai, director of the Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences (IBSH), said that two types of things are coming out in the case of death of 11 members of the same family in Burari should be viewed separately.

Significantly, there is a possibility in the case that the dead have attempted suicide because of the spiritual belief. Another possibility is that this happened due to the psychological disorder. Delhi Police has decided to provide psychiatric autopsy, of 11 people found dead on July 1 in the Burari case. Desai said that it would be difficult to do this because no member of the family living in that house is alive.

Desai said, "But the difficulty here is that it is not just a matter of one person but it is a matter of 11 members and a member of the family living in that house is not alive, due to which the circumstances are only converted into limited form. However, the written records are enough, whose analysis will confirm the findings of the police till date.''

Experts have pointed out that psychological autopsy tries to make it clear why a person has lost his life. It involves analyzing the medical records. Friends and family are interviewed and their mood is researched before death. The police are waiting for the final post-mortem report and forensic report in the Burari scam. In the initial autopsy report, it was said that all 11 people died due to a rope hanging and there was no trace of conflict or injury on their body.

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