Okinawa Praise: The fastest electric scooter on sale in the country

Okinawa Autotech is an electric two-wheeler company set up in India in 2015 and they have recently launched the Praise e-scooter which is touted to be the fastest such vehicle on sale in the nation. Bookings for the vehicle are already on and the company has also tied up with HDFC Bank in order to facilitate an easy vehicle loan for the two-wheeler.

Feature perfect
This bike has an edgy design which does make it stand apart from the other e-scooters currently in the market. The sharp styling is a clear indication that this e-scooter is meant for the younger generation and hopefully it will find such takers. Having said that, the brand has ensured that this model delivers in terms of features as well. This includes LED lights, a digital speedometer, an anti-theft sensor, alloy wheels, tubeless tyres, a mobile charging point, keyless start, and a big amount of storage space on board.

Powered by a powerful electric motor that allows the e-scooter to touch a top speed of 75 kmph and have a range of 170 km on a single charge, the scooter does come across as a practical choice for short commutes. To ensure that it delivers on the performance front, the Praise e-scooter also gets a choice of three-speed modes that include Economy, Sporty, and Turbo.

It is priced at `59,889 which puts it in competition with traditional scooters such as the Honda Activa. While it does offer the benefit of being a ‘green’ vehicle the current lack of infrastructure and customer mentality means that Okinawa does have an uphill task in establishing themselves in the market, however, the future is electric and the prospects for such products in the market are only set to grow.

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