Things that you should not do In Metro.

New Delhi:Metro is the most used means of public transport. From Delhi to Banglore, almost everyone finds it the easiest and most convenient means of transport. Civil sense dictates that people should be repectful and appreciative of this helpful public service.

1. Ask People to "shift"

This pops the big vein in one's head. There is a reason why there are number of seats available on a bench, it is in that manner so that people can sit comfortably. To ask people to “shift” is causing them discomfort.

2. Talk loudly, or worse, or play loud music

Use earphones if you want to listen to a track, rather than playing loud music. If you are making a call, make sure you speak polietly and softly. Don’t make sure the whole compartment knows what you are talking about.

3. Hog the floor

Many people sit at intersection point between two compartments, and also near the doors

and blocking space in such manner is not cool at all.

4. Photography or Videography

As Photography/ videography is prohibited, one should not do that. As it may make other people uncomfortable.

5. Eat food and littering

One should not eat food in metro, to avoid littering and dropping of the left overs.

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