This Temple Have A Unique Secret, Miracle Happens Here In Summers Only

New Delhi. India is a country of religions and devotions. In India temples has been important as a place of worshipping god since ancient time. In India there are lot of temples which are famous for their miracles.

Even science fails to say anything about these miracles, but when people see the miracles of these temples, they fall in to the devotion and worshiping of god deeply. There’s a temple in India which have a very unique and different story and whosoever listens to it feels shocked!

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A unique miracle of nature is connected to this temple. The temperature of main womb of temple, and outside of temple are totally different! Shocked ? well it’s a truth. Temperature exceeds 50 degree Celsius and inside the temple temperature remains so cold even pujari’s covers themselves with blankets and sweaters!

And the most important and interesting thing is , no Air conditioner or Air cooler is there inside the temple, not even a ceiling fan. This temple of Lord Shiva is situated in Odisha, nearby tittlagarh. This temple have sculptures of Lord Shiva and Parvati.

OMG! Strange temple where men's do makeup just for this reason...

According to pujari’s reason behind so cold temperature inside the temple is, cool winds which comes out from the sculptures of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Whatever reason is but one that devotion have powers.

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