How to attract girls on first date

First dates are really important. Guys always look for the ways to attract the girl in their first date itself. Well.. these actually act as deciding factor for the future of your relationship. If you are able to impress her in first go then it will be easier to proceed further. Sometimes, guys commit mistakes in course of attracting her. To help you, we have mentioned few tips to attract girls in first date.

Be friends first:- First, be friend with the girl you are planning to have date. Don’t expect a girl to become your girlfriend immediately after first date. Spend time together and try to find out what the girl actually wants.

Choose right clothes:-Dressing style also creates a difference. Be trendy but wear what suits you. The way you present yourself before her speaks about your lifestyle. Girls don’t like immature and irresponsible guys.

Show some manners:-It is advised not to forget the basic etiquettes. No matter how independent the girls are, still they like that a guy pull out chair for her. Mind these small yet important things if you wish to attract her. But don't give her any false impression of yours.

Use right body language:-What you not say from your mouth, your body language speaks. So, make the right use of your body language. Inaccurate body language miscommunicates your right intentions in a wrong manner. So, never spoil your date with wrong body language.

Listen to her:-When she talks, listen to her. If you keep on talking about yourself only then it will displease her. If you listen to her carefully, she will feel you are taking interest in her. Have a conversation in which both of you are involved.

She loves to be pampered:-Girls love to be pampered. When a guy treats her in a special way, she will definitely admire this gesture. Try to find out what she likes more. Don’t forget to give her a nice present. You can buy her flowers or chocolates or anything that she likes.

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